Alternative Infrastructure Asset Management course

In 2018/2019 CME 1210-14 (7 ECTS in Q2) will be part of the CME curriculum in an alternative manner: i.e.

  1. In Q1 you can do CIE 4381 Engineering Asset Management (4 ECTS); Prof. Wolfert/ Dr. Schraven/ Ir. Van den Boomen
  2. In Q2 you can do CME 1210-14 for 3 ECTS only: Integral Asset Planning; Ir. Van den Boomen / Prof. Wolfert

If you pass 1. and 2. successfully you get CME 1210-14 for 7 ECTS granted.

This means the following for CME students:

  • Students who never have followed any of the courses CIE 4381 (before 2018 CIE 3380)/ CME 1210 can get 7 ECTS for CME 1210-14 in 2018 by doing 1. and 2. as mentioned above;
  • Students who already have done/ passed CME 1210-14 (before 2018) and or where planning to do CIE 4381 as an elective can do this for 4 ECTS. This can only be done if CIE 3380 has not already been done.
  • For students who already did/ passed CIE3380 and who still have to do CME 1210-14 the alternative manner (1. + 2.) is unfortunately not possible. This means that the student in this case should fill the 7ECTS ‘CME 1210-gap’ with electives: for example, 3 ECTS Integral Asset Planning (Q2) and another 4 ECTS course. In this case we advise to contact the lecturers of 1. or 2. for advice.

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