In your master as a CME student there are many possibilities to develop your social and organisational skills by being part of a CME committee. Each year new changing committee boards will organize the Business Tour in the Netherlands, the International Business Tour abroad and multiple CME events throughout the year. Let us know if you would like to participate in one of these committees by stepping by at the CME Hok!

International Business Tour
The international business tour is a tour of 9 days to a foreign country. In collaboration with businesses here in the Netherlands and overseas, a group of 30 CME students travel to a country with exciting construction projects and interesting companies. The master program of CME is international orientated and the international tour is a great addition to the compulsory program.

Business Tour
The study tour is a tour of two days in the Netherlands where a group of 30 CME student visit multiple companies to solve business cases. In this way the students are able to see the companies from the inside and meet their employees.

Social committee
The social committee is brought to life to organize multiple events throughout the year to bring CME students together.