About CME


During the International Business Tour (IBT) a group of CME students travels to a country abroad for an unforgettable trip. Previous locations of the IBT where Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Mexico City and Kuala Lumpur. The trip consists of visiting local construction sites and companies, amazing sightseeing and having a lot of fun together with the group. You will learn a lot about the construction projects, meet interesting companies and get to know the local culture. The IBT is something you don’t want to miss out on!


International Business Tour committee 2019-2020

Kai Vaessen

Mirthe Meijer

Luisa Caporalini

Daniel Clemens

Juan Ossa

QQ: Ritika Utmani


*Despite the big effort of the International Business Tour committee, the international business tour of 2019-2020 could unfortunately not continue due to COVID-19. We hope to organise a next IBT  again in 2021.