About CME


The response group is responsible for the CME course evaluation. Every quarter the committee evaluates all courses of the CME curriculum and reports back the results to the faculty and lecturers. In this way together they try to keep the quality of our education as high as possible.

Input from students is highly valuable to this process. For this reason at the beginning of every quarter the response group invites all CME students to attend an input sessions to share their opinions and thoughts. If you as a student can’t attend the session or you have any other feedback we would like to ask you to fill in the feedback form here on the website. Your feedback will then automatically be send to the commissioner of Internal Affairs of the CME Dispuut.


Student Response Group committee 2020-2021

Bent Schleipfenbrauer

Luisa Caporalini

Sanny Toonen

Ali Farokhi

QQ: Frédérique Batelaan