The Master in Construction Management and Engineering (CME) is a two-year English taught Master’s program. It addresses the growing need for reforms within the building and construction (BC) industry and teaches students how to deal with present and future transitions. The BC industry is currently under a lot of pressure, as there is an increasing need for greater transparency, client orientation and innovation. Furthermore, today’s society is longing for a shift towards more sustainable solutions.

The MSc Construction Management and Engineering program (CME) anticipates the growing need for change and reform in the construction industry. Studying CME is a big challenge. As a CME student, you will familiarize yourself with existing management and engineering practices, and learn how you can help to achieve the desired changes in the BC industry and assess the consequences for the construction process and its organization. You will also further develop your engineering, problem-solving and communication skills.


The 3TU MSc programme in Construction Management & Engineering combines individual technical approaches into processes in which governance issues, societal trends and management methodologies are integrated with cutting edge technology. The broad programme has been developed in close association with the construction industry and is process and design-oriented as well as project-based. A largely identical core programme can be followed at each of the three locations. Students benefit from the specific strengths of all the three universities by choosing a specialization at any of the three. The admission procedures, teaching and examination regulations and academic calendars at all three universities have been carefully matched. Students are registered at the location of their choice, but they are automatically co-registered at the other two locations to ensure access to the facilities of all three. More information on the 3TU master can be found here: www.3tu.nl.

If you are looking to start the CME master, the Master Guide gives you information on practicalities, in order to help you with your Master.