Curriculum overview

The Construction, management and engineering master curriculum is created with care and consideration. The curriculum has been updated for the year 2020/2021. If you are looking to start the CME master, the Master Guide gives you information on practicalities, in order to help you with your Master. For more information, please feel free to pass by ‘Het Hok’ at room 6.70, where the CME Dispuut is located. Join the “Master Construction Management Engineering” Brightspace to download the full curriculum overview.  For more information

Download the full curriculum overview on Brightspace: Brightspace CME page

For the CME Curriculum 2019-2020: CME Programme 2019-2020

For the CME Curriculum 2020-2021: CME Programme 2020- 2021

For all CME course descriptions go to the TU Delft Study Guide website here.

Or take a look at the 4TU CME Study Guide 2020-2021 for an overview of all the courses at the 4 technical universities

My Study Planning:

Starting this year, all CME-students must submit an Individual Study Program (ISP) for registration in Osiris. This means that you must choose all the (elective) courses that you want to follow as a part of your full CME study program (of at least 120 ects) in advance. Choosing your personalized CME study program at an early stage requires you to think about the CME research theme you are interested in and allows you to follow the elective courses that best prepare you for your graduation. Additionally, planning your personalized CME study program in advance will help you to properly manage your time throughout your Master. To arrive at the CME course selection at follow these instructions:

  • First, click the button entitled: ‘CEG: Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (including CME),
  • Second, choose the link: ‘Master Construction Management and Engineering 2020/2021’,
  • Then sign in with your NetID, and
  • Choose your Specialisation
  • Submit your Course Selection.

The my study planning website can be found here. More information can be found on the ” Master Construction Management and Engineering” brightspace.