About CME


In your master as a CME student there are many possibilities to develop your social and organisational skills by being part of a CME committee. Each year new changing committees will organise the Business Tour in the Netherlands, the International Business Tour abroad, the CME magazine and multiple CME events throughout the year. Let us know if you would like to participate in one of these committees or the board by stepping by at the CME Hok or sending us an email or text! All committees are guided by one of the board members.

International Business Tour (IBT)
The international business tour is a trip of 9 days to a foreign country. In collaboration with businesses here in the Netherlands and overseas, a group of 30 CME students travels to a country with exciting construction projects and interesting companies. The master program of CME is internationally orientated and the international business tour is a great addition to the compulsory program.

Business Tour (BT)
The business tour is a trip of two days in the Netherlands where a group of 30 CME student visits multiple companies to solve business cases. In this way the students are able to see the companies from the inside and meet their employees.

Party committee
The party committee is brought to life to organise an amazing event to close of the study year and bring CME students together.

Magazine committee
The magazine committee publishes twice a year the CME magazine. Both high level writings and a professional design are in their hands. Their job is keeping students, companies and professors informed of the most recent topics within the TU Delft CME master program and our professional industry.

Company day committee
Every year the company day committee organises the company day to bring together students and companies from the industry. During the company day students have the chance to meet several sponsoring companies of the CME Dispuut. Amongst the companies are contractors, engineering companies and consultants.